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A picture points a million clicks.

Great photography speaks to the heart. Human eyes are remarkable devices, and people are discerning creatures. We absolutely judge books by their covers; that is their purpose. Mayo Magpie helps you look good.

Business photography specialists.

Everybody with a phone has a camera these days. The trick isn't to have multitudes of photographs, it's to have great photographs, which speak long after they're captured. With over 17 years experience, Mayo takes great photos.

Business photography for Mudgee | Gulgong | Bathurst | Dubbo | Orange | Lithgow

Staff Photography

Yep, we get it. It sucks to have your photo taken. But it's not about you, it's about your customers. They're a discerning lot, customers, especially in the bush. They like to know who they're dealing with, and great photographs create an impression long before a handshake.

Check out these cracker snaps of staff & customers by Mayo:

Product Photography

Folks want to know what they're buying, and not any old photo will do. If your products don't look great, they won't be bought. Mayo Magpie creates fantastic product shots.

Check out these ripper pics of products by Mayo:

Location & Experiential Photography

When you want to show off your office, experiences and locations, it takes a deft eye to convey more than just "here it is". Such photos form an integral part of the branding experience, as it allows customers to put themselves "there". Mayo achieves this.

Check out these beaut photos of locations & experiences by Mayo:



Inc. G.S.T.

Studio Headshots

Includes up to 90 minute studio session

Includes up to 1 hour post processing

Delivered via internet & thumb drive


Inc. G.S.T.

Business Photography

Includes up to 4 hours business session

Includes up to 3 hours post processing

Delivered via internet & thumb drive

Prices include G.S.T.

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