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Digital displays get attention.

There's no doubt about it; digital displays & menus are impressive. They draw the gaze of customers and offer new dimensions of information. They're very cool. As one of our happy clients recently commented "sometimes I find customers just... staring, enjoying them - like a fish tank." So damned cool.

We've been designing digital displays for over 12 years. Our first displays were designed for flagship Harvey Norman stores back in 2004.

Better content = better experience.

Mayo Magpie specializes in creating brilliant content for digital displays. Being a one stop shop, we can create everything for you - from stylish product photography through to design & animation.

Screens are getting cheaper.

Digital displays simply weren't affordable before now. But these days, you can often get a 55 inch ultra-high definition screen for under a grand. Mayo can help you choose the right model for your store.

Ideal for:

  • Menus
  • Products
  • Sales & promotions
  • Ambience
  • Waiting rooms
  • Receptions
  • Testimonials & social media
  • News & current information



Fixed Content

Fixed content displays offer the most impressive content and best animations.

Best image quality
Best animations
Uses video files
Updateable by Mayo
No internet connection required

Dynamic Content

Dynamic displays fetch content from the cloud. They can be updated regularly.

Updatable by your staff
Specials of the day
App controlled
Display approved social media
Display weather & news

Interactive Kiosks

Digital kiosks let your customers search & interact with content and even submit data & orders.

Excellent engagement
Display the most content
Take orders
Gather customer data
Send customers SMS & email information

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