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The Digital Revolution is here.

Business has gone digital. Apps & software are transforming the way the world works. Apps aren't just video games anymore, they're the next generation of commercial intelligence. Isn't it time you joined the revolution?

Apps make you money.

Apps for customers create a new marketing channel, and add value to your products & services. Business cards? They're prehistoric. Apps represent the ultimate customer engagement tool. They're always available, they're updateable, interactive and memorable.

Apps save you money.

Apps for staff create more efficient processes. Everyone has a mobile phone, and when your staff carry that tiny computer in their pocket, they're always connected. They're empowered. They can move at the speed of digital and make the most of efficient automation.

Custom software sets you apart.

Whether you're building for your clients or your staff, custom software solutions set you apart from other businesses. Customers are tired of worn cliches about price & service, and staff need the best platforms to work optimally. Having a point of difference counts.

App & software development for Mudgee | Gulgong | Bathurst | Dubbo | Orange | Lithgow

Types of Apps & Software

Web Apps

A Web App is software which functions via a web browser, using HTML technology. They have many avantages, starting with cost. They're cheaper to build, cheaper to maintain. Moreover, they're more accessible - any device which can load a webpage can use a Web App.

Web Apps are Mayo's specialty.

  • Cheaper than native apps
  • Always up to date
  • Fantastic accessibility
  • Excellent communication
  • Powered by the cloud

Native Apps

A Native App is software which is installed on a computer, tablet or mobile device. Native apps are faster & sleeker, with additional functionality not available to web browsers. They can also be made available for download & sale on Google, Microsoft & Apple's App stores, providing new sales channels.

  • App store marketplace
  • Faster & more fluent
  • Additional functionality
  • Dedicated device presence
  • Opens up new marketing channels

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Web Apps by Mayo


Routecraft is innovative software for the transport industry for creating & managing routes & timetables.

  • Creates interactive route maps
  • Manages & exports timetables
  • Tracks & manages stops
Uniting Connectmore_vert
Uniting Connectclose

Mayo Magpie created software for the Uniting Church to help co-ordinate its various churchs across regional N.S.W.

  • Manage contacts & addresses
  • Schedule church & meeting times
  • Manage links & church information
  • Photo management
  • File & document management

Orion is proprietary website, file & staff management software tailor made for Ogden's Coaches.

  • Manage files, documents & downloads
  • Staff compliance management
  • Event manager
  • Create & publish timetables
  • News & alert management
  • Facebook synchronization

Homa is a website management software built exclusively for Mayo Magpie clients.

  • Update websites in real time
  • Manage staff & contacts
  • Manage files & downloads
  • Photo management & sharing
Capertee Managermore_vert
Capertee Managerclose

Mayo created tailored software for Capertee Inspirations to market & management their artworks and online gallery.

  • Website manager
  • Manage artwork information & photos
  • Track & manage artwork sales
  • Manage contacts
  • Paypal Integration
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